Activity Kits

  1. Fossil Hunter Kit

    Fossil Hunter Kit

    A set of 10 Dinosaur bones and a brush packaged in a box. Comes with a book - Digging up Dinosaurs.
    You can carry the box along on a trip to the beach or park, hide the bones in the sand and kids can have fun digging them up. Learn More
  2. DIY - Little Princess kit

    DIY - Little Princess kit

    Do It Yourself kit - Comes with a pre-cut tiara, foam cut outs, wand stick, beads, stone embellishments, glitter and glue.
    Make your own tiara, wand and bracelet. Princess ready in minutes! Learn More
  3. DIY - Superhero kit

    DIY - Superhero kit

    Do it yourself kit - comes with a cape, mask, writs cuffs and foam cut outs to customize the costume. Learn More
  4. DIY - Weather Wiz

    DIY - Weather Wiz

    Do it yourself kit - makes a weather wheel and colourful suncatchers, comes packed with all required materials Learn More