Mothers are about details. Little and big.

They can tell how many times their little one burped last Thursday. They can plan entire parties while waiting outside an Abacus class. Now only if they can find a purple pony with pink hair to go with the theme.

Daddy might get you the chocolate donut instead of the white one with sprinkles, but not Mommy…nah ah. And if your lucky cap is all washed and ready for the weekend game you know who to thank!

Mothers know you better than you know yourselves.

And because their lives are so entwined with those of their kids may be mothers have greater power over their children - to inspire and  stimulate them.

My mother inspired me to read. She was a voracious reader back in the days. And for a very long time I thought she has read every book there is. Even to this day we love talking to each other about what we read.

Thank you Amma!

Whether you’re lying on the sofa on a lazy afternoon reading with your kids tumbling over or cozying together at bedtime with a story book  – here’s a list that could make it special on Mother’s Day.


Love You Forever by Robert Munsch

This is a timeless story of a mother who sings to her child no matter how old he gets.  And I can assure you when you finish the book you will have a lump in your throat.  I have tears. A MUST read!!


Mommy’s Little Girl by Ronne Randall

Girls are special and the book nicely captures these mother-daughter moments. From shopping together to dressing up in mommy’s clothes, it’s all there. But will she always be mommy’s little girl?



Mommy Mine by Tim Warnes

Mothers come in all shapes and sizes. Some are big, some are tiny. Some are funny. Some are scary (ahem….may be all of them?). No matter what, Mommy Mine is the best!


31 Uses For A Mom by Harriet Ziefert

Clock. Hair stylist. Chauffer.

The list goes on. The illustrations are amusing by themselves. Makes a nice lively read and the kids can use their imagination to come up with a few more.


 If Mom Had Three Arms by Karen Kaufman Orloff

What if mommy had 3 or 4 or 5 arms instead of 2. An imaginative counting  book with colourful illustrations that will keep the kids busy and entertained. Hmm I always wished I had more arms while I untangled the clothes from the washing machine!

You can view the rest of our Mother’s Day picks here.

Cuddle up with your little one. Read together. Share a laugh. Experience books!