How about a superhero who can rescue the chennaites from the rain?
Kids unanimously love superheroes so you could help them develop their character. For instance what will they be called -- may be a Super M for Mridula or Goutham the Great?
What will be thier superpower/abilities? Can they fly or have the power to freeze things? Drinking milk could replenish their lost powers may be :)

1. Download and print this picture. Trace it onto a thick card stock or chart.
2. Cut along the outline. For a girl superhero cut the hair along the dotted line.
3. Have the kids come up with a costume complete with initials, gadgets.
4. Cut the shape of the cape on a red piece of cloth/paper. Stick the ends at the back of the superhero figure such that the edges fold under the neck.
5. Stick it onto an ice cream stick and zoom away!

Now these will inspire hours of pretend play.