This is a long rambling and don’t expect corporate mission statements. Raising my little kids across different geographies and of course good time off from work, let me think through the often mundane chores of surviving early parenthood.

Beyond those seemingly crazy conversations with a 2 year old trying to reason why she couldn’t run around in a place of worship or compare a balding gentleman with her grandpa – there did seem to be something unique.

Children have this great gift of being born with a clean slate.

There should be some reason in evolution or creationism (whatever you believe in) that we were hard wired to walk or see or further our species, but reasoning was something that we would acquire through our interactions.

Life would have definitely been easier with kids pre-programmed to be nice and sweet and all that – how boring!

A common thread that connects our kids, scientists and geniuses is this innate curiosity. And not  taking things as they are, is what drives innovation and excellence in whatever things we do.

The best gift that I am trying to give to my kids is to keep this Little Spark of curiosity alive so that they could not just be the little geniuses’ of our home but their times.

This thought resonated with a close group of friends and family and I think there’s lot more of us who want to spread the spark. After all it takes a village to raise a child and let’s build ours together and brighter.

Little Spark is an initiative that we’re sharing from our young family to yours. Our ideas and collective learning is more powerful than an individual thought.


Anusha Ashok