Book Club

The Little Spark Book Club is storytelling with a difference. We want kids to talk about books and make reading fun.

We aim to..

- Instil a love for books/reading

- Improve vocabulary through read aloud

- Generate enthusiasm for the language and its nuances

- Diversify genres (books can be about anything and everything!)

Idea is to use children’s interests and hobbies as starting points. And enhance the experience by using visual aids or props to read aloud.

Every week there will be a theme - say monsters or weather. We will read a couple of books, an activity and a craft - all tailored to the theme. There will be word games, story bags, word cloud and more.

The Book Club sessions at Bamboola Play School, RA Puram

Budding Reader (Ages 3 to 6) 

Happy Reader (Ages 6 and above) 

For more details and to register call 98409 10678