Smriti - Mother of Tia (4 yrs)

One evening, sometime in January 2015, I was greeted with a beautiful voice on the other side of the phone, saying she was Anusha from “Little Spark”. My mind wondered… but Anusha immediately said that she runs (and owns) “Little Spark”, a library for young children and she was to send books for my Little Angel, Tia, then just 6 months old, who needless to say, added a lot of Spark in our lives.

Books for a six-month baby I asked myself? I learnt from Anusha that our very dear friend, Shashaank Awasthi, had enrolled Tia into “Little Spark”. I agreed to receive the books. To my pleasant surprise Tia gazed and gazed into the colorful pages and would express (by actions) which books she wanted to see. I also learnt how to read out stories to her, as she would listen carefully and nod as though she understood the stories.

During this journey, two books became her all-time favorite, “Twinkle Twinkle Little Star” and “Ten in the bed”, which she refused to part with for a number of weeks. Tia would make me read these books over and over again until she could actually say a few words from the book. Her other favorites are; Gajapathy Kulapathy – The temple elephant, What do friends do the best, Dora the explorer – Christmas season, Monsters that glow in the dark and more recently, Franklin rides a bike.

One day, we received “The paper dolls” from Little Spark. When I finished reading the book (to Tia) she was insisting that we make paper dolls then-and there. It was 11p.m. and I assured her that we would surely make one in the morning. Reluctantly, she went to sleep. But one should never take a child’s excitement lightly. When Tia woke up next morning, her first demand was to make paper dolls!! I immediately logged into YouTube and made one for her. Her joy knew no bounds and those expressions are for a lifetime… Absolutely priceless!! Tia was very happy and played with it, singing songs, in her own unique way, to it the entire day.

Books, today, are became part of Tia’s life, so much so that she would involve every member of the family to read to her and occasionally does role play of the stories. Tia is close to 4 years and looks forward to new books every month.


I also owe a Special Thank You to SHASHAANK who introduced a timeless friend called “Books” to Tia, which she enjoys being with.

Vasundhara (9 yrs)

When I was like 4 or 5 years old I went to Yellow Bus which was a playschool I studied. I went there with my mother and maternal grand mother. I went there again because there was a group call Little Spark. There they give books. We have to pay them money, take it home, read it and we have to return it back. The one who gives books to me is a lady and her name is Anusha. So I take 7 books, read it and return it. Sometimes I retain some books which I had not read yet. I started by reading picture books, then small books, comics and now I am reading novels which has black and white photos. It has really helped me in grammar and in fluency of speaking English. This has really helped me in my studies. I am really blessed to get books like these. Thank you Anusha aunty for giving me the books.

Krithika and Balaji - Parents of Manu (9 yrs)

It all started in 2015, when my daughter Manu was just 5-year-old.  At that tender age, apart from her profound interest in drawing, solving puzzles and mazes, children magazines like champak, magic pot and colourful pictorial stories attracted her like a magnet attracting iron particles towards it. That’s when we identified her keen interest in reading. Right then, we heard about Little Spark through one of our friends. We were simply amazed by their huge collection of lovely books and started visiting the library almost every week.  Right from the beginning, manu used to pick up books of her choice herself.  Some of her favourites then used to be Fancy Nancy, Amelia Bedelia, Dora, Arthur series, Magic Bus, Curious George and Fairy Tales. As she grew older, her choices kept changing and books started becoming good friends for her.  Even today, she spends most of her spare time in reading books.  Her recent likes are Harry Potter Series, Enid Blyton, Humphrey Series, Geronimo Stilton, Thea Stilton, Find Outers, Nancy Drew, Hole/Chapter Books, to name a few.  Most impressive part is that she now completes reading a standard 250 to 300-page book in just a few hours. All this has happened in just a span of 3-4 years after her connection with Little Spark. Thanks to Little Spark, my daughter has now become a voracious reader and lover of books.

In this digital and tablet world, Little Spark is doing a wonderful job of instigating book reading habits among children. Instilling reading habit in the minds of younger ones is the need of the hour and hats off to Anusha for doing the same in a meticulous and dedicated way.  I wholeheartedly wish Little Spark a great success!


Mother of Akshara (14) and Divya (12)

Akshara has grown/evolved into a voracious reader. Akshara's recent passion for the Harry Potter series,... I was clueless about how crazy she was... It was Anusha who clarified (thank you :) She explained to me that it was known as "pottermania", excessively interested people develop over the Harry Potter series!

Happy to be with Little Spark & I shall say additional reading helps her with her curriculum too! Looking forward to more reading

My daughter Divya is very interested in craft work & she is a fan of diy craft videos. She attends most of the craft workshops conducted by Little Spark. 
Looking forward to more such workshops


Aarthi - Mother of Sasha (9)

We have had a wonderful journey with your library for the last 4 years.

I joined this library to access the phonic books (BOB series) when Sasha was in UKG. Her journey as a reader began with your books and quickly moved up to chapter books in first grade. Over the 4 years we ve read a lot of Dr Seuss, Julia Donaldson,Enid blyton (Naughtiest girl series, Malory towers series, Famous five series, Secret seven, Adventure series, Magic faraway tree series ), Roald dal series, Harry potter series, Narnia series, Septimus Heap series and some classics too. Of recent, the books you recommended based on her reading interest worked great with her - the 39 clues and A-Z mysteries which I didnt know of, but glad you recommended because Sasha took to it eagerly.

We will always treasure the excitement of not knowing what books we ll get his month !